AAAA Program

Grantfork Elementary has a special program each quarter to reward students who excel in four important areas. It is our Quadruple A Program. The program is based on the following items:
ATTENDANCE – missing 2 days or less during the quarter (absences with a doctor/dentist note or funeral card do not count against AAAA attendance)
ATTITUDE – receiving no “outs” for the entire quarter (Our discipline system is based on a 3 “strikes” in a week is an out).
ACHIEVEMENT – earning all C’s or above on their end of quarter report card. Achieving 100% if their AR goal with 80% correct or better.
ACCOUNTABILITY – being accountable or responsible to return notes by the due date, returning library books on time each week, bringing supplies, and lunch money on time, etc. Each student can “forget” 2 times or less during the quarter.

Students who qualify for the quarterly AAAA by achieving all of the above requirements are rewarded with a special party. AAAA parties are always a blast! Please encourage your child to strive to achieve their AAAA membership.